Saturday, December 21, 2013

Frank Stella Collage

This was a pretty simple simple lesson, but cool nonetheless! I showed the first graders a bunch of Frank Stella's work and just asked them to tell me what they saw. They commented on his lines and colors and "puzzle-feel." So that's what we did! We made puzzles. 

I gave them just a white piece of paper and showed them how to make these concentric circles and shapes that overlapped. They thought it looked soooo cool! A lot of creative twists were taken, and I really didn't see any that didn't look great. 

After they finished those with marker, I told them to cut it into between eight and ten pieces. Part of the fun was putting these pieces back together on a piece of construction paper. I kept reminding them not to start gluing the puzzle back together until they were absolutely sure it was correct. Obviously some were unable to get it perfect, but the results didn't really take away from the project all that much. 

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