Sunday, October 6, 2013

Folk Landscapes

I found a really cute, simple project for third grade that they are absolutely loving! It's one of those projects that they go "WHOOAAAA!!!" when you first show them the end goal, then they are surprised at how well they achieve the objective. I started by picking their brains about the term "folk art." They came up with folk tales, so we connected the dots saying it's a "stretch of the imagination." Then I asked them about landscapes and how those could be "folk." They got the idea that folk landscapes used unrealistic colors and patterns at times to convey real life. (Below is my example.)

To begin the project, I drew my paper on the white board so they could follow along. We discussed how important horizon lines are in any landscape. (I'm trying to connect the dots between the word "horizontal" and "horizon" for all of the grades so they are vertical/horizontal knowledgeable. (Also a Common Core item.) They did a great job following along with me, drawing a horizon line, "V" trees, a sunset, and a barn. I gave them some freedom to make variations in their own work. I asked them to fill in the landscape lines with unrealistic colors and patterns. This step took them a long time, so they finished up their drawings in the second class period. Below I have some finished products, but many of them are taking forrreevvvverrrrr with all the details!:) They got really creative with their patterns!

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