Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Zentangle Hands

I'm really on a zentangle/invented texture kick lately! I've always loved the power of well-designed line. And who doesn't love more doodling patterns to store in their book of tricks for when they are bored in other classes?! So I had 4th grade start out the year by tracing their hands. Challenging stuff... I know! They then divided their hand into sections with their pencil and found a way to place their name in the middle. I gave them handouts with dozens of samples of zentangles and designs they could practice. I asked them to fill each section of their hand with a different, intricate zentangle.

They had the option of leaving theirs black and white or colored, but my one rule was that ZERO pencil lines should be showing because they needed to look finished! Once their coloring was complete, they matted their hand on colored construction paper.

I was really impressed with some of these hands! The girls in particular took their time to really dive into really intricate designs. Other friends were less careful ended up with a sloppy mess. I think in the future, I would have students turn in swatches of at least four different designs they will use. That way, they are forced to practice the designs and use some variety. I think this project could be used at any grade, the expectations just have to go up with age.


I had one girl point out that these reminded her of the Hindu hand inkings. That could also be neat to use flesh colored paper and brown markers to look like henna ink. Just a thought!

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